Are you a

Business Women looking to:

  1. Jump start your sales

  2. Expand your customer base

  3. Solicit feedback on a new product

  4. Connect with other Business Women

  5. Provide services in an enviroment with other positive women

Women's Success Lounge is the answer for you.  


  1. We offer bi-monthly women empowerment workshops with attendance of 15-20 participants *not guaranteed

  2. We offer a positive environment 

  3. The vendor fee is minimum

  4. You are able to purchase lunch

  5. The vendor sessions are up to 2 hours

  6. You have a captive audience

  7. You can purchase a membership and get free personalized advistisement and endorsement. 

How does it work?  


It is simple:


  • You complete the vendor application 

  • Upon approval you are given confirmation # and address

  • You arrive at 11:15am to set up.  *fee is due upon arrival

  • After the workshop, patrons will get lunch and visit your vendor table

  • You have 2 hours to solicit, make connections and sales

  • Vendor sessions end promptly at 1:30pm

  • We ask that you complete a survey

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