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          Are you looking for the Best Place for your Sisterlocks?         
                              Transitions Wellness Lounge                               Hair Studio
Is that place.

I curated a space where women can come and experience a synergy of services which promote positive self-care, health and overall wellness.

We encourage our clients to recognize that Transitions are essential as we move from one stage in our lives to the next.  We acknowledge that becoming the best of our selves is a journey, which requires grace and acceptance, multiplied with Love.

We encourage our clients to be their authentic selves however they choose to show up.  It is through this work that we use our God-Power within to master ones destiny. Giving us peace, power and wisdom through Grace and Love.
Beautiful african woman happy and excited expressing winning gesture. Successful and celeb

Beautiful You

Knowing who you are and being yourself is a gift.  

It means that you are original, courageous & free.  

You radiate your beautiful light onto everything you touch and You Shine.

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