TransiTions 7 Hair Studio's Client Policies






Hourly Rate is $40.00 with a 3 hour minimum.  Additional hours are charged based on 15 minutes into the service.  (For example if we begin at 7pm and finish at 10:20pm, you will be charged for 4 hours and your fee would be $160.00)



Conducted within 60 minutes (1 hour) for $35.00. 


Installation of Sisterlocks

Base rate is $1,000.00 for hair that is 5 inches or less.  $50 for each additional inch over 5 inches.  During consultation hair will be measured and exact quote and total number of days required for installation will be given.  This is based on length of hair and circumference of head.  Your quote is valid for 30 days. 


Method of Payment

Cash or Cash App


Retainer Fee

A Retainer Fee is required to get a Sisterlocks’ Establishment (installation) date.  The retainer fee is $100 and is non-refundable and non-transferable.



Your Preparation for Appointment


Hair should be washed within 2 days of appointment.  If you arrive with “dirty” hair, your appointment will be canceled, and the cancellation policy will apply. If your locs are less than 1 year old; you should “wash & band” every time you wash your hair.  This will reduce your slippage and the amount of time in chair for your retightening sessions.


Additional Products on Hair

Hair should not have additional oil or moisturizing products on hair.  Oils impede my ability to work in the hair in a timely fashion causing tool slippage.


Health (Sickness)

To ensure the health of all and to maintain a healthy salon environment, if you are sick which includes a fever, cold like symptoms, stomach bug, flu like symptoms, etc – please reschedule.  If you arrive to the appointment and you present with symptoms noted above, the appointment will be canceled, and the cancellation policy will apply.



Arriving to Appointment


Cancellation Policy

You have access to the scheduling platform ( and can cancel at any time.  However, please note that if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 100% of your service fee.  This fee must be paid prior to you being able to get on the schedule in the future.




Your appointment has been reserved just for you, so please notify me via text if you are running late.  If you are running late 30 minutes or more, your appointment will be canceled, and the cancellation policy will apply.




Service Environment


  • TransiTions 7 Hair Studio prides itself on it’s positive vibe and energy; therefore, behavior must be conducive to support this.  Besties are welcomed to join and wait with you, please be mindful of space and sound. 


  • TransiTions 7 Hair Studio understands “holistic” approaches to “chilling”; while in chill state, it is expected that behavior respects the studio’s positive vibe and energy.  It is also requested that smell on clothing is minimized prior to entering.  TransiTions 7 Hair Studio reserves the right to cancel service if client is not of “clear mind” or behavior is inappropriate; full fee for scheduled time is expected.


  • Services to children are welcomed and parents must remain during their child’s service time.  Parents should also note that if it is assessed that services cannot continue due to child’s inability to sit still; the full-service fee still applies for scheduled appointment time.



  • Environment is not conducive for active children.  If children can entertain themselves, they are welcome to come, wait and sit on the sofa.


  • Environment welcomes new moms and you can Nurse your newborn or pump if necessary.



  • You are welcome to bring food and snacks.  

  • You have access to WiFi, free water, and positive vibes & energy. 



Service Category Definitions


  • Retightening Includes: cleaning parts; actual retightening of new growth for each loc


  • Styles Include:  Pin ups, establishing curls or a combination of the two


  • Maintenance Includes: Cut; trimming edges; trimming loose hairs on individual locs; and loc repairs.


  • Consultations Include: Completing Assessment form; Conversation around hair needs; Consultant Observation of Client’s hair; sample locs placed in for Installation or sample retighening of one (1) row or 5 locs for Transfer Client

* Scheduling an appointment with TransiTions 7 Hair Studio acknowledges awareness and agreement with policies.

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