Beautiful Butterfly

As we reflect on yesterday, the day of giving THANKS; many of us go immediately into the holiday season of gift giving and charting out our New Year’s resolutions. We make lists of the perfect gifts for loved ones and close friends; and we start to note things we want to transform for ourselves (health, finances, relationships, etc). I do the same thing. In fact, I have the gift buying and New Year’s resolution thing down to a science. There is this saying I came across one year ago, “Transformational Change is creating lasting lifestyle change.” In that article, it stated that 25% of people fall off of their New Year’s resolutions within 1 week and another 60% walk away from their New Year’

Believe In Yourself

I just saw the trailer for The Wiz Live scheduled to air on December 3. I loved the original movie (1978) with Ms. Diana Ross. Ms. Ross portrayed a young women who had a goal and nothing was going to stop her from reaching that goal. Although she was full of doubt and fear in unknown territory, she found and used elements of courage (lion); heart (tin man); and brains (scarecrow) to follow her designated path (yellow brick road) to reach her goal (going home). The connection with the character “Dorothy” is deep for me. I have the goal of living a financially independent life and being a successful business women. I use courage, compassion and knowledge to follow my path to success. I have a

6 Things Women Share

I have been asked, why did you start Women’s Success Lounge. I see the conception of Women’s Success Lounge in parallel with my journey as a mother, wife and licensed clinical social worker for over 20 years. As a Clinician, I have researched, developed programs, facilitated trainings and implemented strategies in an effort to strengthen at-risk mothers and their families. I have learned that women regardless of our socioeconomic or educational status share many characteristics. We all want what is best for our families; we all thirst to feel loved; we all strive to be the best we can be with what we have; we all yearn to be connected to a community; we all thrive to provide the best for

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