Coaching Services for Independent Business Owners

I have been successful in running Patchwork Hair Lounge since 2007. When I started, I found tons of websites, articles, and YouTube videos on the hair aspects of the business; but limited information about the most important part, how to make the business thrive. So through my successful experiences for over 8 years, I am now offering workshops for Home-Based Independent Business Owners who are in the beginning stages.  My workshops will assist you with building the business aspect of their journey.

Starting Out 101
3 hour session. Objective: Allow Google to help you organize your appointments and clients; track customer needs; communicate before and after appointments; track work for re-certification.
Customer Service 101
3 hour session. Learn how to make the best of your space and have your clients racing to get on your calendar for their next appointments.
Objective: Learn the old art of Customer Service from how you engage during first contact to how you show them your appreciation.
How to make Money 101
3 hour session. Learn how to spend $34 a month to make $2K a month part-time.
Objective: See how you can maximize your money to get clients. Learn to package your services to limit comparative shopping of clients.
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