TransiTions7  Hair Studio
located in Greenbelt, MD
established in 2008 
We encourage our clients to recognize that TransiTions are constant as we move from one stage in our lives to another.   
We encourage our clients to be their natural selves with their hair however they define Natural.
It is through this acknowledgement that we use our God-Power within self to master ones destiny; giving us peace, power and wisdom. 
We Provide:
Sisterlocks Hair Services
Hair Restoration Services
(certified Hair Loss Practitioner)
Notary Services
(certified NNA Member)

Beautiful You

Knowing who you are and being yourself is a gift.  

It means that you are original, courageous & free.  

You radiate your beautiful light onto everything you touch and You Shine.

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Authentic . Empowerment . Affirming

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